In 1911, the style of art nouveau (namely: modern style) sprang up in Europe. With the pursuit of perfect fusion of technology and art, Gabele · Gauss abandoned the traditional European complicated product appearance design, overturned cultural history and pioneered to integrate simple style into bathroom. He created healthy German-style bathroom with minimalist products shape and the most precise technical and environmental health materials. Bearing such a manufacturing concept, Gabele · Gauss established a hardware design-oriented and production-oriented enterprise in Stuttgart, Germany which is also the hometown of Benz and Porsche and named it Gauss after his name.

        Gabele · Gauss has been respecting and acknowledging the rigorous working attitude of “rather less but better” from Gauss, a German Prince of Mathematics. He appreciated Gauss’s logical thinking ability and his challenging and pioneering spirit when facing with terra incognita. It was in 1915, the 60th anniversary of the death of the famous mathematician that Gabele · Gauss changed the brand name to COSO with the hope that COSO can continue the quintessence of thought of Gauss. In memory of this worldwide mathematics genius, COSO brings benefit to thousands of households with German-style bathroom that is logistic, talented and full of rational beauty.

         Based on this credo, COSO has become the first well-known international bathroom brand and the top-level healthy bathroom experts in bathroom field in the past 101 years, integrating the modern healthy and rigorous design concept—Concentration, Originality, Strict and Organic in Germany.

       Since 1993, COSO has entered China and established professional sanitary ware manufacturing base. COSO created products with the richest logical beauty with German industrial design concept, quality materials, ergonomic criterion, mathematical space, precise manufacturing and the technique of rational beauty. After development for over a decade, COSO has become a global leading brand in the field of healthy bathroom.
       In the future, COSO is committed to providing customers with a comfortable, environmental and personalized healthy overall German combination of kitchen and bathroom.