COSO originated from Germany. Since its establishment of professional sanitary ware manufacturing base in China in 1993, COSO has created products with the richest logical beauty and won the support and recognition of vast number of consumers with German industrial design concept, quality materials, ergonomic criterion, mathematical space, precise manufacturing and the technique of rational beauty. After development for years, COSO has become a global leading brand in the field of healthy bathroom.

        In the industry, COSO’s products firstly passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and the CE certification of the EU. It has successively won many enterprise honors and awards, such as “Top 10 Bathroom Faucet Brands in China”, “Top 10 Leading Brands of Building Materials in China”, “Recommended Products for Chinese Energy Conservation and Environment Protection”, “Chinese Well-known Brands”, “Chinese Famous Brands” and “the Design Award for Chinese Original Sanitary Ware” in 2007. What’ more, COSO also entered Shanghai Expo in 2010, which completely demonstrated the value and strength of the brand.

       Excellent products and professional services enable COSO products to be favored by various large projects. You can see the figure of COSO sanitary products in large office buildings, five-star hotels and upscale residential areas throughout the world. COSO products are adopted by various projects such as German STERN hotel, New York Ousion Par Hotel, Ya Boya Apartment in Barcelona, Vienna Hotel Guilin, Haikou Queen Hotel, Staff Building of Beijing Tobacco Company and Zhuhai Cuizhu park vocational village, all of which witnessed the engineering strength and product quality of COSO.

        Currently, Gauss has faucets, shower head, ceramics, stainless steel bathroom cabinet, Green wood bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, sinks, hardware accessories and other products. The perfect product system does not only indicate the brand strength of COSO but also reflect its powerful productivity and creativity. The quality faucets of COSO are made from imported fine copper with hand lapping, 5 coatings, 37 quality testing processes and European imported top valve element, whether quality or technology is in a leading position in the industry. COSO first launched large shower heads in the country, which led the fashion trends in shower heads. The original automatic return lead-free copper faucet of COSO which can prevent hot water scald and is an outstanding representative of human design. Concentrating on health and wealth, COSO Green wood bathroom cabinets meet the contemporary people's pursuit of health. With the concept of health and excellent products, COSO has occupied half of the market, and it is the health expert in the field of bathroom accessories.Meanwhile, COSO firstly launched 4S services and free pre-sales design and consultation in the industry, providing personalized engineering solutions and guiding services to debug and install during sales and after-sales call-back within 24 hours and perfect product warranty and maintenance services. All of these indicate the strong strength and unparalleled brand value of COSO as an international brand.

       In the future, COSO is committed to providing customers with a comfortable, environmental and personalized healthy overall German combination of kitchen and bathroom to create a new era of healthy German sanitary ware!